The Big Music Showcase Day

April 19, 2017

Events held by the Big Music Project will always take priority in my calendar. I love going on adventures and meeting like minded people who have as big a passion for music as me.

The Big Music Project recently toured the UK to do live showcases of talent where young people could perform and attend workshops and liaise with artists as well as do photography and write up blog posts about the day (psssst, I’m one of those people).

I am Welsh, therefore I attended the welsh showcase which was held in the Cardiff Millennium Centre. This is an amazing venue that never fails to impress me. Our group got there for 10am and the day started at 11. After attending last year, I kind of had an idea what to expect, but I knew that this years was going to be bigger and better.

Although the day starts at 11, I would say that the official start of the day is when the fantastic presenter Fusion gets on stage and starts pumping the crowd full of energy. Our showcase had two young people working alongside fusion as co hosts. These were Evan and James, and they were just as great as Fusion, feeding off of each others energy and feeding that energy to the crowd.

There were some really great workshops being held for different areas of the arts. There was a workshop about women going into the creative industries as well as workshops for singers and some experts doing Q & A sessions. I would say that my favourite type of session is always going to be a Q & A because there’s nothing like hearing someones personal experience. It’s great because the people they bring in tend to be off a similar background to the people attending the workshops, and it’s incredibly inspirational to see that someone who grew up close to you has achieved such amazing things.

A big improvement for this years showcase event was definitely the goody bags. Usually, goody bags tend to have a lot of things in them but you won’t really use them. These goody bags didn’t have much in them, but what was in them was fantastic. There were earphones that were fantastically sourced and really good quality, as well as a pen (who doesn’t love a free pen), a memory pen, and a guitar pick (which is great for a music event).

I also got to perform at my showcase with my band; The Optimists. We are made up of 3 singers, a bassist and a guitarist. We had a 15 minute slot where we performed 4 songs.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and I can’t wait to see what else the project brings us this year.

Thanks for reading

Love, Ashleigh

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