Reasons Why America’s Next Top Model Is Worth Watching

February 7, 2018

I first watched America’s Next Top Model when I was about 9. It fascinated me. I was not a make-up girl at the time, but watching these girls getting dressed up and creating these quirky shapes was really interesting. I used to dress up to go out and strut along the upstairs landing like I was at the final runway.

I told some people in school I used to do this and why I did it when I was year 10, and they laughed at me. I was so confused and told them about top model, and they really weren’t bothered. It was something to dismiss. Well I disagree, so here are 4  reasons why you should watch ANTM:

1) It’s inclusive

There are so many different kinds of people on ANTM, people from different backgrounds, she recently removed the age limit from the show and this cycle has a 42 year old mother.  She removed the height limit a few seasons back and I believe there was a girl on there a few cycles ago who was 5 foot (which is conventionally short for a model). At one point, there was a series where men were allowed to enter the competition too.

2) Positive Body Messages

All of the humans on this show are absolutely gorgeous, but Tyra has said that the idea of being on top model isn’t to feel beautiful; it’s to show other people how beautiful they are. It is incredible and I think it comes back to how inclusive the show is. There are people with different skin conditions, hair conditions, mental health conditions and other physical conditions, but it shows that there are no barriers in their way.

3) The Photo Shoots

It’s not just the locations they shoot in which are impressive, but it’s the way they dress them or the style of shoot it is. Shoots where the the contestants have paint thrown at them and have to take a creative photo, photos lying in a field and being from fairy tales, photos of models pretending to be pregnant. You just never know what it’s going to be and it’s really cool to see how it’s done.

4) Tyra Banks

Do I really need to say anything more. She’s so kick ass and whenever a contestant is eliminated, she reminds them of how beautiful they are and how they should never give up on their dreams. She’s so constructive and always tries to help the contestants get better, and never tears them down.

ANTM for me has been something that has given me so much confidence, and even as a grown up, leaving the house to go out, I still enjoy the walk across the landing in my high heels and whatever outfit I’ve chosen; and I feel next level fierce.

Do you watch top model? Do you watch the American one or a different countries version? Let me know in the comments

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