I Took An Apprenticeship Instead of Uni. . . Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

September 17, 2017

Many of my friends are currently packing up and moving away to different ares for the next 3 years of their lives. They’re moving to go to uni to study a course that they feel really passionate about, or because the idea of the uni life really appeals to them. I applied for uni, but I’m not packing my bag to move nor am I getting ready for the uni life.

This time last year, I was writing my application for university and I got it in before the Oxbridge deadline. I was prepared, but I didn’t think I was going to go then. I received 5 offers for 5 different uni’s, but I also applied for other things, and now I am an apprentice engineer for a worldwide company.

This is really snazzy, and while all my friends have been enjoying the last few weeks of their summer, I have started a full time job, and I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have learned about the route I have taken.

1) I’m far more independent now than I was 4 months ago 

This time 3 months ago I was still in 6th form, and I feel like I now have to make a lot more of my own decisions and be more responsible for my own actions and my own time management. It’s scary, but it also means I have more freedom.

2) I’m less stressed

I felt that with A levels, I was stressed beyond control. I was constantly worrying I wasn’t working hard enough and I didn’t have enough time to fit in all the revision I would have liked to. Now, I have dedicated time to put towards my college work which is nice, because I know if I work within that time, I don’t have to stress.

3) I have less holidays

School give you 65 school days off every year, and working I get 25 days a year. That’s great because I can choose when to take them, and I think I’ll value my time off a lot more

4) I have more money

Apprenticeships pay you to learn, which means the time I do have off I can spend doing things I like

5) I feel like Andy Sachs

You know The Devil Wears Prada, where Andy gets a makeover and goes to work every day slaying everything. That’s me. I just want to look awesome and be confident

That’s what I’ve learned so far. If your an apprentice, feel free to add to my list, and if you have any questions about applications, feel free to comment

Thanks for reading

Love, Ashleigh xxx


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