Dear Enter Shikari

January 25, 2018

Dear Enter Shikari,

I did not think I would be interested in your music.

I remember sitting on the school bus while one of my friends scrolled through his music which was mainly “screamy” and I didn’t pay attention to anything he played because I wasn’t interested. I liked guitars and soft voices.

Fast forward 2 years, and my music taste was similar. I knew what I liked.

I thought I knew what I liked.

I’m in the little blue circle

You see, I was supposed to go see The Killers in Bristol, but there was a screw up and I couldn’t go. A couple days/weeks later (I can’t remember how long), I had a phone call saying that you were in Cardiff the next day and I was invited to go. It was a date, and I wanted to be spontaneous, so I was like” well yeah, why not?”

I listened to some of the music before I came to the concert because I though that was a good idea, and I decided that I was going to enjoy this concert.

So I showed at the Cardiff show with my date (who is now my boyfriend), and we were there after doors opened and we bought¬† some merch, because that’s the rule. We were in time for the first support act. When Asteroid Boy’s finished, lots of people vanished to get drinks or whatever, and then the next thing I knew, I was down the front with some friends. Lower Than Atlantis were cool (to the point that I’ve booked tickets for their show in April), and then the hype for you guys started.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and the 10 minute countdown nearly killed me. Sneaky and very hype inducing, and then you came out and it was just nuts. Everyone erupted. I was pressed against the barrier at the front, and I can’t really believe that that happened. I was right there!

Then you started playing and I was just shocked. Rou’s dancing is just so on point. I enjoyed the music so much. I wish I’d had more time to listen to the songs on the new album and more of the

older stuff, but I definitely knew I liked you.

I would like to apologize for not knowing the words when you came and sang literally 3 inches from my face. I was shocked and I had only started listening to your music like a day before. I can’t even tell you what song it was and that kills me.

So you finished playing and you go off, and me and my date leave and buy some pints of milk, adrenaline still pumping through our veins. I was so hyped, but so disappointed that it was over.

We started our drive home and talk about how good the concert was and how tingly our skin was from all of the goosebumps, and we looked at the other places you were playing.

You were in Birmingham the following Friday

My boyfriend said he didn’t know if he’d have to work late, so we waited. I listened to your new album countless times over the next week, along with some of your older stuff (arguing with thermometers is my favorite because global warming terrifies me, but whatever),¬† and I loved it.

It was really refreshing to hear music that was so politically charged and so cleverly written. The lyrics in “An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces”:

I awoke with a face like a crumpled plastic bag in a puddle
When everyone in this town is a bag for life
He said my life is a total mess, it’s 8pm and I’m not even dressed
And oh how I miss your Prosecco-glazed lips
I miss them like the majority of modern mainstream music misses
An original metaphor for missing someone

Taken during “Undercover Agents”

How frickin clever. I just can’t help but be in awe at how amazing those lyrics are.

It gets to Friday lunchtime, and my phone rings. I was alerted that my boyfriend was coming to pick me up so we could drive to Birmingham. I took this time to buy our tickets and then we headed to Birmingham.

We were way further back in this show, but I knew so many more words, and I was bouncing and shouting and it was great. I loved the show, plus Birmingham was a bigger venue so I felt like the show was bigger.

I just wanted to say thank you. It might seem stupid, because it’s not like a massive letter from someone who has followed you for years. I am a fan who has been here for just over 2 months, who absolutely adores your melodies and lyricism and performance and rhythm and videos. I really love your art.

You’ve released that you’re doing a single UK show this year. I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but I will be there.

Thanks for reading


Ashleigh xxx

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