Am I A Toxic Blogger?

August 3, 2017

I have been blogging for 3 years now, I can’t really call myself a beginner blogger anymore, but I stumbled across a few posts talking about working with brands, and how it can be insulting when a brand doesn’t understand that bloggers should paid for the work that we do, and we shouldn’t just accept ‘keeping the product’ or ‘promotion to thousands’ as payment.

I can understand this. Larger bloggers who are blogging for a living need this income, and cannot live on a supply of free clothes or jewelry, they need the money that brand deals should be supplying. As for smaller bloggers who want to be larger bloggers, they are likely doing the same amount of work for a single post as the larger bloggers are, they are just reaching a smaller audience. Even though promotion will be good for bloggers like this, they should still be paid.

This is where I feel bloggers like me are an issue. I am going to be an engineering apprentice. I love writing, but I also love number. It’s okay to do numbers for a living and write in your spare time, but I think it’s harder to write for a living and solve differentials in your spare time. Would I like to one day make money from my blog? Yes I would, but it’s not mandatory and I will blog regardless. Will I blog for brands when keeping the product is the reward? I have done in the past and, depending on how well a brand matches with my audience, I may do it again. I don’t have to make money with my blog so why not?

This is where I feel I may be damaging. I am a small blogger and this is likely going to have no impact on other bloggers who do want to make money, but if lots of other bloggers have this kind of attitude, and they are bloggers from all different kinds of blog, surely this will be detrimental to bloggers making money. Is is better to work with one blog who is charging £50 for a post, or 5 bloggers of a smaller status who aren’t charging? If those 5 bloggers have a combined following that is larger, will they pick them, or do they go for the single blogger?

I think this an interesting problem that needs to be talked about, and it’s good that it is finally being discussed in the blogging industry (or at least, I have seen multiple discussions about it on twitter), and is there a solution? I’m interested in your thought, so please let me know in the comments or write a response post and link me to it.

Thanks for reading


Ashleigh xxx

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