Alive For The Turn Of The Century

August 4, 2017

A millennial is defined as someone born between the 1980’s to the mid 1990’s/early 2000’s (according to wikipedia), but someone who is part of generation z was born between the mid 1990’s or early 2000’s and the end date is still debated. As someone born in 1999, I’m unsure as to which category I belong in. I was born in time for the turn of the century, and so I’m going to talk about what it’s like to have grown up in the early 2000’s

So I grew up in the 2000’s, and a lot has come with that, and today I want to talk a little about my experience with growing up in this era and why it’s been pretty cool, but also quite difficult.

I might have been a little behind the times. We had 4 channels on our TV until I was 10 and we didn’t get WiFi until I was 14. As people who grew up in this time though, we have a good knowledge of technology, because we’ve grown up as technology has grown. We were using Nintendo game-boys and DS lites as our handhelds. Our first phones were the flip up phones or Nokia’s our parents had long discarded and we were all on credit phones. We were aged nine and collecting email addresses to use MSN messenger, and we were on Facebook at age 11 and are now old enough to look back and cringe at our younger selves.

Technology has progressed rapidly, and so have politics. We are constantly being reminded of the threat of nuclear warfare and global warming. Applying for uni is a terrifying prospect as there have been rumors of our debt being sold off to private companies, and we’re being told we will never be able to afford a house. A lot of the media can be doom and gloom about our generation, and that’s sad, because we’re not what the media makes us out to be.

I would say that we are more accepting than older generations are. We are more aware of LGBTQ+ issues than older generations (and I would argue more accepting but I don’t have any experience with this), and I think we’re more accepting of different religions, and more understanding of people who follow no religion. We are more open minded when it comes to science, and more accepting of differing lifestyles.

I’m proud to be a part of the generation I am, whichever it is, because I think we will do some great things, and I hope we keep progressing.

Thanks for reading


Ashleigh xxx


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