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April 15, 2018

So here I was on this Sunday afternoon pondering what it is I could possibly write about. I started a scroll through titter and opened up Pinterest when this twitter thread came to my attention:


and it got me thinking. I started blogging nearly 4 years ago now. I was here when all of the retweet accounts were active and my posts were being retweeted by these. I was engaging with a lot of bloggers and meeting lots of new people.

But this thread got me wondering, has that much changed in the way we interact with bloggers on twitter? I will admit that the way I interact with people other bloggers has changed but I wasn’t the most interactive blogger to start with. I have noticed that there is more and more content bloggers are writing which is aimed at bloggers, but I like reading that sort of stuff.

The issue of inorganic following is something most bloggers know about. Opportunities to work with brands only tend to come flooding through the door after you hit so many followers on twitter and Instagram or you have so many views to your site a month. It was all of your content being reduced to a number, and that was hard for a lot of bloggers.

Personally, I think we have all had to re-evaluate why we write. Sometimes, numbers can kill our motivation. Less retweets, less engagement, other bloggers who have a bigger following who have been blogging for less time. It makes us wonder why it is we’re writing, taking photographs, editing, reaching out to people, when it stops fulfilling us. We have to find again what it is that we write for, and makes sure that every single time we write a blog post, we write for ourselves and we write what it is we want to write, and not what other people are telling us to write.

In all of the comments on this thread there were lots of points raised



Blogging is changing, and I think the only way we can start to change that is within the community itself. It has to start within. Hopefully this won’t be permanent, and we can revert back to the way things were.

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